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The Tracks - 4 year free advising system for high school students entering college

Partnering with Indepdendent Learning Centers and Counseling Professionals throughout the US and Canada

  • Give your high school students our free planning system to guide them through their college years

  • We pay you a finder's fees for referrals to our graduate test prep/admissions programs

  • Get free support from us to help you build test prep income

As an alternative to corporate test preparation, the Cutts Program :

  • specializes in advanced testing strategy
  • addresses individual learning and processing styles, math anxiety, test anxiety and poor standardized test taking
  • is highly personalized
  • is affordable
  • is based on over 18 years experience and degrees in special ed and linguistics
  • has a 95% success rate and has helped over 1000 students worldwide get accepted

Dear Educator or Counselor,

I imagine that much of your business is with high schools students or younger. However, you probably get an occassional call asking for tutoring with the GRE, LSAT, GMAT, MCAT or PCAT, or requests for help getting accepted to grad school, law school, business school, medical school, pharmacy school or other areas.

I specialize in these areas and have self-contained prep programs through which I can personally guide a student's preparation, regardless of where they live. You are welcome to simply refer students to me. I pay a $100 referral fee for each student. I'd like you to first get to know a little more about our programs and would be happy to talk with you on the phone, as well.

If you have an interest in developing more of a test prep business, we can work together to advertise and promote your business and even to develop an on site program based on our materials through which you can generate more income.

For your college bound high school students who are considering the possibility of going on to graduate or professional school (law, medicine, business, pharmacy), I offer free planning programs that they can sign up for now, before starting college. This is not for helping them get into college - that's probably your job! - but rather helps them plan each month of their four year college career so that they can plan in advance for a strong application to graduate or professional school when the time comes. It begins with the very first month of their freshman year, so this is a good time for them to sign up.

These programs - the Tracks - include GradTrack, LawTrack, MBATrack and MedTrack. They are completely free of charge and allow a student to keep in touch with me for the next four years with any questions they may have. Students can sign up for a Track on my test prep home pages.

You can use this site to learn more about what we offer and how we can benefit from each other's efforts.


Jay B. Cutts, MA
Cutts Graduate Reviews
(505) 281-0684, day or evening, 7 days

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