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The Tracks - 4 year free advising system for high school students entering college

Partnering with Indepdendent Learning Centers and Counseling Professionals throughout the US and Canada

  • Give your high school students our free planning system to guide them through their college years

  • We pay you a finder's fees for referrals to our graduate test prep/admissions programs

  • Get free support from us to help you build test prep income

Who is eligible for the partnership program?

Any independently owned learning (tutoring) center is eligible. We currently do not work with national tutoring companies or with franchises. If you own a franchise and believe the terms of your franchise would allow you to work with us, please contact us.

We are particularly interested in partnering with people who value quality instruction. While we are happy to work with large numbers of students, our emphasis at Cutts is always quality rather than sheer quantity. We also value friendly and honest relationships with our partners and look forward to many years of supporting each other in our professional work. We welcome partners who have creative ideas and enthusiasm for their work and ours.

We avoid having partnerships with more than one learning center in an area, so that one partner does not have to compete with another.

It is not necessary to have any experience with preparation for the LSAT, GRE, GMAT or MCAT in order to be a partner.

If you already do some tutoring for the tests we teach, you will find that you can offer a much more comprehensive (and profitable) program through a partnership with us. Partners, however, should be willing to take their direction on preparation for these courses from us. We do not generally approve a combination of our instruction and your instruction and usually require that the instructional aspect of the preparation be done through our materials to maintain our standards of instruction.

We do not provide preparation for the ACT or SAT.

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