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The Tracks - 4 year free advising system for high school students entering college

Partnering with Indepdendent Learning Centers and Counseling Professionals throughout the US and Canada

  • Give your high school students our free planning system to guide them through their college years

  • We pay you a finder's fees for referrals to our graduate test prep/admissions programs

  • Get free support from us to help you build test prep income

I'm not interested in a complicated partnership. How do I simply refer students to you and what is the fee that I would earn?

You are very welcome to just refer students on occassion. We pay a $100 finder's fee if the student enrolls in our program.

If you have a prospect, please let us know their name so we can keep an eye out for them. When they enroll, we send you a check.

We highly suggest that, if a prospective student contacts you, you get their name and phone number and their permission to pass that information on to us. It usually requires some talking on the phone to help a student understand how the program would address their needs. If a prospect is a little intimidated by the process of researching their prep options, it can help them along to get a call from us.

You can increase the number of people calling you to inquire about test prep by adding "LSAT GRE GMAT MCAT PCAT", or something to that effect, to your Yellow Pages ad, often without increasing the cost. You can also add info to your website. If you'd like to confer together about other ways to promote test prep, we'll be happy to do that.

In a smaller community you may have the entire test prep market to yourself if you can tap into it. In a larger community our programs are appealing to college students because they are a more affordable and, at the same time, more expert and personalized approach.

You are always welcome to call us at (505) 281-0684 to talk about how you and your students can benefit from our programs.

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