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Who is Cutts Graduate Reviews and How is It Unique?

Cutts Graduate Reviews was founded in 1990 by Jay B. Cutts, MA. It grew out of Mr. Cutts' work in post secondary education (National Technical Institute for the Deaf), as well as his background in Linguistics and Special Education (BA Honors in Linguistics, U of Michigan, MA Honors in Special Education, Emphasis in Learning Disabilities and Giftedness, U of New Mexico.)

Since it's founding, Cutts Graduate Reviews has emphasized individualized instruction on the LSAT, GRE, GMAT and MCAT exams. Working closely with individual students has allowed Mr. Cutts to develop powerful strategies for issues such as learning styles, test anxiety, math anxiety, poor standardized test taking, ESL, poor timing and learning disabilities. All Cutts students have the opportunity to work as closely as they need with Mr. Cutts directly.

Years of careful analysis of the exams has allowed Cutts Graduate Reviews to develop unique insights into the hidden patterns of the tests and the special strategies that students can learn. Many of these insights and special strategies are unique to our program. Also unique is Mr. Cutts' experience and ability to teach these insights and strategies to students with a wide range of learning styles and backgrounds.

The primary difference between the Cutts program and the corporate test prep businesses is exactly in this depth of experience and ability to teach. Corporate programs typically hire instructors to teach their test preparation classes and these instructors, while usually being very bright and having scored well on the test, have very little experience analyzing or teaching the exam and usually do not have a background in education.

Cutts Graduate Review also has many years experience in helping students with all aspects of the admissions process, including career planning, the personal statement and special strategies to stand out from the crowd.

With a home base in culturally diverse New Mexico, Cutts Graduate Reviews has worked with students from many different cultural backgrounds, including many Hispanic, Native American and African American students. In recent years we have worked with Historically Black Colleges and Universities through Federal grant funded programs to develop a pilot program for helping underrepresented students be more successful at getting admitted to law school, based on the Cutts approach of long term, individual expert coaching on all aspects of the process.

A recent survey of Cutts students who had completed their application process showed that 95% had been accepted (n=48).

Cutts Graduate Reviews uses innovative technologies to work closely with students all around the US, Canada and rest of the world. We are very interested in developing partnerships with independent learning centers who value high quality education and who, at the end of the day, feel good that they have done their best to help someone succeed.

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