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Please feel free to call Jay Cutts at (505) 281-0684, 10am to 10pm Mountain time (that's Noon to Midnight Eastern time and 9am to 9pm Pacific), 7 days a week.  He will be happy to spend some time going over your plan with you and answering your questions about the GRE and about your application, personal statement, etc.

Your Personal Prep Plan - Print This

Based on what you have just told me:

Step 1. You know your application deadlines and what sections they are looking at.  Find out what scores your program will require.  Set a deadline for doing this_______________.

Step 2.  If you haven't done so, do your diagnostic test.  (There is a link to one after this page.)

Step 3.  Enter here the amount of time you calculated you will need to prep or come back to this site when you have more info and do the planning again. http://www.cuttsreviews.com/jcutts/

            Number of months of prep_____________

Step 4.  Count back this many months from your deadline and then back one more month. This is the date that you will begin prepping: ____________

Step 5.  Save the suggestions I gave  you earlier about preparing.  Review the suggestions on the next page for special testing concerns.

Step 6.  You already have an idea of how you will be able to prepare.  If, after a month or two of intensive work, you are not scoring about 20% above where you would like to be, please feel free to call me for more suggestions.

Step 7.  Review the free booklet How to Get Accepted to Grad School - A Take-Charge Approach, which you ordered earlier.  It will guide you in writing your Personal Statement and in other strategies for standing out from the crowd.

Good luck!


Specific Hints for Particular Testing Concerns=====>>>