Consulting Services

with Jay B. Cutts, MA

Consulting for Non-Profits and For Profit Organizations in the Areas of:


  • Program development
  • Marketing strategies and web communication tools
  • Harnessing the power of electronic technologies
  • Instructional design and curriculum development
  • Training – in house and for clients
  • Distance learning content and technologies
  • Writing, copy writing, article writing
  • Research
  • Creative problem solving
  • Public speaking

Jay Cutts has served as Executive Director of the Cutts Graduate Reviews - which helps students worldwide get accepted to graduate and professional school - since 1990.


He has worked as an educator and curriculum developer in higher education and as an entrepreneur and business consultant since the 1970's.


In addition to his current work at Cutts Graduate Reviews, Jay consults on a contract basis with a few select organizations at a time.


In his spare time Jay gardens, travels to Eastern Europe to collect folk music, attempts to read books in Slovak and Romany, dances, plays the accordion and piano, takes his granddaughter for quiet walks around the block, camps in the desert, directs the New Mexico Center for Meditative Inquiry and Retreat and writes science fiction novels. And he still is available 12 hours a day, 7 days a week for clients.

For a free consultation about your organization's needs, please call

Jay at (505) 281-0684


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